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Brand: WORX Model: WRX WA3867
Worx - Fast Charger 20V / 6.0Ah Worx Powershare System: The Worx 20V Quick Charger fully charges all 20V Worx Powershare batteries in a very short time. The charging time depends on the capacity of the battery to be charged: Fast charging of Worx 20V batteries 20V Worx Powersh..
R 1,758.18
Ex Tax:R 1,528.85
Brand: WORX Model: WRX WG163E.2
Worx - Cordless GT3 Grass Trimmer Cutting Width: 30 cm Battery: 20V Li-ion Line length: 1x3 m Line Diameter: 1.65 mm Get More Done, Faster and Easier: The Grass Trimmer boasts 3 tools in 1 – The WORX GT3 easily converts from a trimmer to edger to mini-mower in seconds, without th..
R 3,102.36
Ex Tax:R 2,697.70
Brand: WORX Model: WRX81601100
R 0.12
Ex Tax:R 0.10
Brand: WORX Model: WRX WG163E.9
WORX WG163E.9 20V MAX Cordless String Trimmer [weed eater] (Battery & Charger sold separately) The WORX WG163E.9 Grass Trimmer boasts 3 tools in 1 – The WORX GT3 easily converts from a trimmer to edger to mini-mower in seconds, without the need for tools. ..
R 1,545.26
Ex Tax:R 1,343.70
Brand: WORX Model: WRX WX642.1
FINISHING SANDER 1/3 SHEET The WORX WX642 270W 1/3 Sheet finishing sander has an industrial grade aluminium base for a flat precise sanding, and extended durability. The ergonomic design provides improved comfort & control, and the dual quick clamping system / hook & loop system give the convenienc..
R 1,758.12
Ex Tax:R 1,528.80
Brand: WORX Model: WRX WX648.2
R 1,768.01
Ex Tax:R 1,537.40
Brand: WORX Model: WRX WG329E.9
Worx - JawSaw 20V Auto Tention Input Power: 20V/2.0Ah Bar length: 15 cm Max cutting capacity: 10 cm Charging time: 1 hour Get More Done, Faster and Easier: The WORX cordless lithium-powered JawSaw does a little bit of everything. Need to prune limbs; clear debris; or cut kindl..
R 2,584.91
Ex Tax:R 2,247.75
Brand: WORX Model: WRX WX845.9
Worx - Sliding Mitre Saw No Load Speed: 3200/min Blade size: 216 x 30mm 40T Cutting Capacity: 0° x 0° (220 x 70mm) Cutting Capacity: 45° x 0° (155 x 70mm) Cutting Capacity: 0° x 45° (220 x 40mm) Cutting Capacity: 45° x 45° (155 x 40mm) Get More Done, Faster and Easier: The ..
R 6,779.31
Ex Tax:R 5,895.05
Brand: WORX Model: WRX WG829E.9
WORX WG829E.9 20V MAX Cordless Garden Sprayer (Battery & Charger sold separately) The 20V battery garden sprayer is a convenient tool for spraying insecticides, fertiliser and other liquid substances.Thanks to its powerful compressor it maintains constant pressure for constant application, without ..
R 2,068.05
Ex Tax:R 1,798.30
Brand: WORX Model: WRX WX354.1
WORX WX354 20V Slammer Active Hammer Drill The WORX WX354 Slammer drill, is more than a standard combi or hammer drill. With a standard combi (hammer) drill, you can drill into masonry, but never into concrete. With an SDS hammer drill, you can dr..
R 6,826.86
Ex Tax:R 5,936.40
Brand: WORX Model: WRX WX661.1
ELECTRIC BELT SANDER The WORX WX661.1 belt sander has a speed control for optimal sanding, adapted to the material and task. The sanding belt size is 76 mm x 533 mm and the sanding surface is 76 mm x 130 mm. Sanding belts can quickly be changed and a dust Collection bag ensures a clean working envi..
R 2,584.97
Ex Tax:R 2,247.80
Brand: WORX Model: WRX81602040
WORX GARDEN DISPAY 20 AND 40V (255H X 250L X 55W CM)....
R 27,327.80
Ex Tax:R 23,763.30
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