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Brand: BERNZOMATIC Model: BER304182
14.1 OZ. PROPANE HAND TORCH CYLINDER Model: TX9 The Bernzomatic® 14.1 oz Propane Hand Torch Cylinder is a portable, convenient way to fuel your hand torch. Constructed of durable steel, the slim, lightweight cylinder is easy to grip and maneuver as you work. This product is compatible with o..
R 266.00
Ex Tax:R 231.30
Brand: BERNZOMATIC Model: BER332964
400g MAP-PRO® HAND TORCH CYLINDER Model: MG9 The Bernzomatic® 14.1 oz MAP-Pro® Hand Torch Cylinder enables you to complete tasks faster and more efficiently using a higher burn temperature than standard propane. MAP-Pro is premium fuel suited for a variety of job site projects includi..
R 306.13
Ex Tax:R 266.20
Brand: BERNZOMATIC Model: BER426329
R 173.65
Ex Tax:R 151.00
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