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Brand: QUICKDRAW Model: QDGR-2X10
QUICKDRAW - Refill For Self Marking Measuring Tape (Graphite) NEW harder & darker graphite – Making even the most weathered surfaces a snap. 20 sticks in every pack. Each stick makes 2,000+ quarter inch marks, which means you won't be wasting time looking for a pencil! 20,000+ ..
R 214.65
Ex Tax:R 186.65
Brand: QUICKDRAW Model: QDWH-2X10
QUICKDRAW - Refill For Self Marking Measuring Tape (Metal Mark) NEW White graphite – For marking on metal or any dark surfaces! 20 sticks in our Bonus pack. Each stick makes 1,000+ quarter inch marks, means you'll forget your own name before needing a refill. 10,000+ marks constr..
R 357.65
Ex Tax:R 311.00
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