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Brand: WEICON Model: WCSS5
WEICON Cleaner Spray S cleans, degreases and evaporates without leaving residues. Its special valve also makes it possible to work above your head. Cleaner Spray S can be used on all metals, glass, and ceramics, and on most plastics, and thermoplastics such as PVC, PMMA (acrylic glass), poly..
R 132.00
Ex Tax:R 114.78
Brand: WEICON Model: WLRE5
WEICON Label Remover quickly and easily removes paper labels and residues of acrylate and caoutchouc-based pressure-sensitive adhesives. Label Remover is suitable for many surfaces such as glass, metal, wood, foil and plastic.WEICON Label Remover easily and safely removes adhesive labels, pr..
R 168.00
Ex Tax:R 146.09
Brand: WEICON Model: WSSC4
Stainless Steel Care Spray was specially formulated for the cleaning, protection and care of matt and polished stainless steel surfaces both indoors and outdoors and has an antistatic effect.WEICON Stainless Steel Care Spray removes and prevents fingerprints, removes lubricating films e.g. f..
R 219.00
Ex Tax:R 190.43
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