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Belt Dressing

Belt Dressing
Brand: ACTION CAN Model: CAN32805
BD-90 - Belt Dressing 500ml Aerosol BD-90 is a belt dressing that improves performance on all types of belts used in industry. It quickly restores grip, prevents slippage, increases pulling power and extends the life of the belt. BD-90 prevents the belt drying out, hardening or glazing..
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Spanjaard Belt Dressing (Food Grade) is a tacky anti-slip formulation which adheres to all belt materials increasing traction and reducing slippage on all types and shapes of belts. The product is not soluble in water making it suitable for use in wet or damp environments.Spanjaard Belt Dressing (Fo..
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Brand: SPANJAARD Model: BLT400
Increases traction on all types and shapes of belt drives. Quick drying synthetic film gives longer life to old and glazed belts and prevents hardening, cracking and staining. 24 Units per carton  400ml aerosol•     For use on V, flat and conveyor belts. •  &n..
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