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Band Strap Cord / Frame Clamp

Band Strap Cord/Frame Clamp
Brand: PG Model: PG957
R 695.12
Ex Tax:R 604.45
Brand: TORK CRAFT Model: TC01590
Quick-adjust band clamp Application: The quick-adjust band clamp provides even pressure when clamped on a variety of shapes and sizes of workpieces. The length of the band clamp is 4m and it includes (x4) 90° corner pieces. The band clamp is ideal for picture framing and furniture fixin..
R 286.81
Ex Tax:R 249.40
Brand: PONY Model: AC1225
Rapid-Acting Band Clamp Our Pony rapid-acting band clamp is great for any round, rectangular, or irregularly shaped medium-duty project. The acme-threaded screw and aluminum levers allow you to tighten and release your project with ease. Its plastic jaws ensure a great fit on corner..
R 804.54
Ex Tax:R 699.60
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