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Bevel Trim

Bevel Trim
Brand: PRO-TECH Model: KP3201
BEVEL TRIM BIT 1/2' X 1/2' 15 1/4' SHANK....
R 516.64
Ex Tax:R 449.25
Brand: PRO-TECH Model: KP3103
Bevel Trim bit Carbide Tipped This is a 45 degree steel-bodied, carbide-tipped bit for bevel trimming laminate with a standard router. The solid construction reduces vibration for the smoothest cut possible with a two-flute bit. This is a popular profile for a modern look. This r..
R 474.66
Ex Tax:R 412.75
Brand: PRO-TECH Model: KP3202
22° Bevel Trim bit Carbide Tipped This 22 degree angled bevel carbide-tipped bit reduces vibration, and its three-flute configuration produces a very smooth cut. Some craftsmen apply this router bit in trimming melamine edging to reduce the sharp edge that normally exists on melamine edg..
R 546.08
Ex Tax:R 474.85
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